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Our Process

Critical success factor


Investigating and collecting different types of data. Ensure deep understanding of the main goals, scope, potential risks and limitations. Define project goals, target audience and technology needs.


Solution proposal

Based on detailed analysis that has been conducted, most optimal custom solution is being proposed. Making sure it is aligned with the stakeholders before the development process starts is critical.

Requirement gathering

Series of meetings with stakeholders to determine and elicit the requirements. Create document and start keeping track of them. Ongoing phase, as requirements are being elicited throughout the entire project life cycle, making sure all cases are covered, including the edge cases.


Product roadmap

Creation of action plan how the product will evolve over time. It is a visual presentation of product vision, directions and priorities over a period of time.

Team optimization

Assembling high-performing, self-organized team of experts (in-house or outsourced) that will be managed towards the same goal. Established processes and velocity management lead to maximal team utilization. We use team diversity to maximize and sustain performance over time.


Software development and/or integration

Once the decision about most appropriate architecture and technical stack has been made, Dev team writes the code in compliance with coding standards for the chosen framework. Established deployment process provides successful integration of new components to the platform, reducing human error and saving time.


Dedicated QA team defines and implements processes, standards and methodologies used to assure requested software quality is achieved. Automatic and manual tests that guarantee the software is working according to specifications and there are no malfunctions are in place. Usability tests are being conducted, to detect how users are responding to the product.



Client-centric approach implying building and releasing in a continuous flow. Always keeping the stakeholders in the loop and collecting their feedback for further stages.

Go live

The timeframe between project completion and handover to end users. Conducting go live strategy in the right manner ensures higher adoption rate and reduced risk of business disruptions. Thorough documentation that has been written along the way plays an important role in this phase of the process.


Postproduction & Maintenance

Software is constantly being monitored and tested to secure its performance. Having the support team at service allows not only immediate reaction in case of an error, but planning the next project phases as well.