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End-to-End Software development

Leading your project from the very first idea, until the finish line. End-to-End development encompasses not only all stages of software development lifecycle, but other significant processes, such as assembling and guiding the team, communicating with stakeholders, taking care of the documentation and more, in order to secure product success.

Tech Leadership

Product Management

We are providing you with the answer on WHY and WHAT questions, while planning each phase of software development lifecycle. Being in charge of product’s success by representing user needs, defining product vision, strategy and roadmap, eliciting requirements, but also working closely with other teams and monitoring the competitors and market conditions/trends.

Managing Software Development Lifecycle

Project management

We are giving you the answer on HOW and WHO question, while taking care of your scope, budget and timeline. Making sure to keep all the stakeholders up to date with project progress by conducting meetings, creating progress reports, status reports and other relevant documentation on a regular basis. Taking care of the team and removing impediments they might encounter, to ensure the process runs according to the plans.

Product Strategy

Agile Implementation

By implementing Agile methodology into our processes, flexibility, transparency, frequent deliverables and risk management are guaranteed. Higher product quality, increased productivity, proper prioritization and highly collaborative working environment are only few among numerous benefits Agile provides for stakeholders, users and team itself.

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Product Roadmap Development

Developing product roadmap that will communicate vision, strategy and objectives. The roadmap should visually represent the major milestones, responsible teams/individuals, timeline and dependencies, giving the important set of information to all relevant parties.

Full Stack


Providing objective, expert advice on clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. Consulting services include the guidance on both technical and business aspects of a project, that should improve the processes and empower decision-making and further planning.

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