Great Feedback on Clutch

Phoenix Consultancy’s Managed IT Services Get Great Feedback on Clutch

If there’s one word that best describes the Phoenix Consultancy team, that would be dedicated. Founded in 2020, our company rose amidst the uncertainty to help businesses and organizations by developing the highest quality solutions for their needs. We don’t approach projects with a template solution, our agile methodology ensures that we cover all grounds and adapt to whatever hurdle is thrown at us.

Located in the heart of Dublin, Ohio, our team is already prepared to go above and beyond to solve whatever it is you need. We make sure that our process is streamlined, transparent, and superb. We think long-term. In light of our amazing first year in the industry, we’re thrilled to announce that Phoenix Consultancy finally got started on Clutch!

Clutch Review

Washington DC-based reviews and ratings platform, Clutch gathers and curates feedback from clients to help equip browsers with data-driven knowledge. The site helps millions of browsers navigate through the ever-evolving B2B industries like IT, development, marketing, and business services. Our debut feedback features our ongoing managed IT services for Web Help Agency, a digital company based in Ukraine. The five-star review was written by Alexander Chumak, the founder of the company, and it takes a deeper dive into our invaluable partnership. In the review, our clients highlight how our team takes the time to maintain and manage their product. The Phoenix Consultancy team was given the opportunity to optimize our clients’ products. Check out what they had to say about our team and the impact of our work!

“Everyone in the team is friendly and deals with any issue that arises immediately in a professional manner. The best team. Once the work begins, the team cycles through a process of planning, executing, and evaluating. They implemented this really great. Previously our developers spend a lot of time nowhere and we don't understand why. That was solved and work started to go much faster.” — Alexander Chumak, Founder of Web Help Agency

Thank you so much to the entire Web Help Agency team for the support! Your trust and satisfaction are the reason why we keep growing. We genuinely appreciate you for taking the time to write this awesome review. Web Help Agency is just one of our many satisfied clients. We are excited to see more great reviews like this come in the future.

A Great Software Development Partner

Aside from our debut on Clutch, Phoenix Consultancy is also proud to make it on Top Design Firms’ most promising software development teams’ list this 2021! For those who haven’t heard about Top Design Firms, it’s a B2B platform that compiles helpful data to guide potential clients. After their extensive research, the site determined Phoenix Consultancy as one of the top-performing partners this year. We are absolutely stoked to have this honor in our name, and we couldn't be more proud.  We want to continue this positive energy and streak onto 2022. We hope to unlock more opportunities, take on fresh challenges, and conquer more milestones with our partners. Looking for a team that delivers? Work with Phoenix Consultancy and see our rapid Agile project leadership for yourself. Send us a message and let’s connect.