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RD Vault

RD Vault is a UK based company, aiming to facilitate businesses the process of tax return on finances that had been previously spent on the research and development of the company.

Web application add-on for accounting applications. Its main purpose is to automate the R&D tax claims. This is done by processing by integrating the accounting software with RD Vault, which then selects the transactions that can be taxed as R&D, calculates the exact amount of tax return and creates a precise report that is ready to be filed. This way, process is simplified, as well as cost and time saving. 

Our role:  
• Working directly with the Product Manager and key stakeholders in process of gathering information for the project.
• Creating the strategy and process flow.
• Developing project plan and monitoring the project lifecycle.
• Leading and utilizing the development teams while making sure the impediments they might have are removed.
• Facilitating scrum ceremonies.
• Producing documentation.